Rainbow Serpent Festival

24 July 2017

Australia’s jewel in the crown of global dance parties, Rainbow Serpent Festival, celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2018. Some of the world’s greatest purveyors of popular culture – art, music and fashion, will be strutting their stuff at the event, held in Lexton, west of Melbourne on the Australia Day long weekend, January 26 to 30. Think 20,000 punters pimped to the max.

A source of early inspiration for our designs, the Rainbow dance floor is a place of pure fantasy, a fertile playground of imagination and innovation, where cutting edge fashion meets chaos.

Mr M squared, will be celebrating with a stall at this anniversary event. Keep your eye out for our leggings on performers, punters and the Monday morning dancefloor and make sure you drop in, check out our designs and try a pair on. We guarantee you won’t want to take them off. You’ll be shakin’ that ass when the sun comes up (and goes down again!). See you on the dancefloor!


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