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It was New Year’s Eve 2015, and Mr M was headed for a costume party and in search of a hot new look… something to turn heads and raise more questions than answers.

Delving deep in to the walk-in, he found himself veering onto foreign shores. Trawling the forbidden fruits of Mrs M’s side, he discovered the missing piece of the outfit he was looking for, a pair of psychedelic leggings which, combined with a steam punk vest, funky braces, and dazzling sunglasses, completed the look he was after.

The reaction that night was mind blowing and a seed was planted. Mr M went home galvanised by the idea that with patterns and styles made exclusively for men, a lot more guys would be willing to push the boundaries of men’s fashion.

Shaking that ass on some of the most wild and wicked dance floors in the global party scene, Mr M spotted a handful of fellow leggings-lovers, guys wearing girl’s gear – but the artwork was feminine and the cut queer and, while he admired their chutzpah (and their quads), these sightings confirmed the market was ripe with guys wanting something made for them, sleek, masculine and with images so cool, they could comfortably be both festival fare, active wear, or thrown on to pick the kids up from school.

With his eye always out for the next cutting edge piece of clothing to add to his exclusive collection, and a background studying fashion design and technology, Mr M is excited to share with you his passion for fashion. We know you will love Mr M Squared as much as we do.



Mr M Squared is the latest fashion to hit the streets. You might have seen someone walking around in our gear and wondered where to find it.

Well now you are here, we invite you to get to know what makes Mr M Squared so unique. Some say it’s the design while others just dig the feeling. You can combine our leggings with something simple or mix and match with your own style. Whether formal, with a vintage dinner jacket, or punked up to the extent of your imagination, we have a concept to suit your mood.

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