Mr M Squared Photo Shoot

21 November 2016

Mr M Squared recently headed down to Melbourne to shoot our first range, an amazing experience encompassing fashion and friendship, made possible by the professional support of photographer Pauline Langmead from Melbourne Photography in East Brunswick, stylist BelFin, behind the scenes photographer, Joao Dujon Pereira and a crew of awesome peeps wearing our pants.

The talent were all members of our Melbourne crew, guys of all different shapes, sizes and styles. Actually seeing my first range of leggings worn by a whole range of body types, just confirmed my belief that the cut and sizing is spot on, and all men look awesome in leggings! The guys all commented on the fit and feel of the fabric.

To create the look, the crew all brought their favourite party pieces. We had around 400 jackets, shirts, belts and happenin’ accessories (love that unicorn!). It was like a massive dress-up party, complete with tequila, food and friends.



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